Mahe – Fabulous Cuisine and Beautiful People By Pete Allman

There are times when all of us need to get away to the ocean, especially when you don’t live there. It is also an awe inspiring experience in dining, when you’re at the right spot.

One eatery that’s 9 months old, located in Dana Point, California is Mahe-located at 24961 Dana Point Harbor Drive. Mahe is the focal point for people to gather and have a cocktail or savor some of the most outstanding seafood and sushi available on the west coast.

I learned about this restaurant from Mat Molina, the VIP host and service attendee, who is also one the up and coming public relations specialist finishing up at Chapman College. Mat’s dynamic personality is what helps patrons return to Mahe as their place to dine and have good conversation. In fact, I met Mat at The Sundance Film Festival in Parker, Utah.

When I arrived at Mahe, there was an hour wait. I was greeted by Toby Reece the owner; and his manager Bill Senteno. They both informed me that I would have a lot of fun and they were right. Mat, escorted me to the cocktail area where I proceeded to listen to some in-the-pocket folk music and the watch the X-Games on their Plasma Screens.

In this contemporary setting, John Ford; an agent for baseball players introduced himself to me. Before I knew it, I absorbed a lot of information about baseball. So, the evening went by relatively fast.

Within a short time I was brought to the sushi dining area where I explored the Asian culture. The sushi special included spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, tempura, asparagus with yellowtail iponzu and green onions for $15.00. It was oh, so good. Mahe has four separate dining areas which include the Tapon yuke dining room (were the chefs themselves perform quite a show), the sushi bar, outside patio dining and inside dining.

There’s also the cocktail lounge where patrons dine and catch the great entertainment that’s provided on the weekends. Mahe’s happy hour is 4:30 to 6:30 seven days a week, were there’s never a dull moment. By now, I’m sure anyone desiring seafood will consider Mahe. My culinary journey has taken me throughout the United States.

I would highly recommend this establishment. Concerning my culinary trip here, I had Mat serve a plate of fresh grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and steamed string beans with carrots. Executive Chef Nat Garthwheap, orginally from Montana, oversees the quality of food and how it’s prepared. What’s not to like about Mahe? Fabulous cuisine and beautiful people.

It’s all there for you and your family. On the weekends try their lunch. Now, one last detail. Try their Crème Brule with blueberries. That’s a refreshing way to please your sweet tooth. C.S.N. rates Mahe on a scale of 1-10… a 10. Bingo!

Pete Allman is a Las Vegas-based commentator, broadcast personality and celebrity interviewer. He also produces inspirational messages for television and other media. Contact him at or (702)265-9099. Visit