Public Interest

Celebrities Endorse PharmaCom BioVet: New Hope in Cancer Treatment for Animals

It’s easy to see why celebrities endorse PharmaCom BioVet for being “a union of compassion and technology.” After the deaths of three of their beloved Siberian Huskies, the Bertholds, the co-founders, vowed: “We would spend the rest of our lives for the sake of our living dogs — in addition to all other dogs — attempting to find better, improved cancer treatments.”

It’s My Birthday, It’s My Birthday!!!

Every day is a day to celebrate, but of all the days, make the anniversary of your birth the main day to share life, love and laughs with friends. It’s my birthday — or it was, on August 30. And the 2008 party was great. Thanks to celebs T. Fox, Imani and Mama Fox, Dixie Dooley and Julie, Michael Johns, Sidney Barnes, and so many others…

Car Care and Character

There are lots of auto mechanics in a town the size of Las Vegas—and there are bad ones, unfortunately, just like everywhere else. But a shining star in the business locally is R.T. Automotives and Rebel Towing owned by a professional with care and character. Brent Kitchen is the place to go for limousine and personal auto repair…