Pete Allman- More Than The Man On The Scene! by Suellen Fry

Times are hard for everyone. I’m a freelance writer and I can tell you first hand about these rough times. The jobs are scarce and those offered on Craig’s List are few and far between. This week has been exceptionally difficult for me. I have found myself sleeping more and not wanting to get out of bed. After all, what is there to look forward to? I have replied to over 100 ads on Craig’s List and still come up empty handed.

And just when I think I can’t laugh or even crack a smile, I receive a phone call from my good friend Pete Allman. Although we have never technically met, I consider Pete to be my friend. I have been working with him since the summer and have had many pleasant conversations over the phone. While I sit here in my small mountain town with my 11 year old son, and a house full of pets, Pete lives on the other side of the U.S. in LA boldly managing his own life. While I’m growing crops and farming the land,Pete’s busy interviewing celebrities in a city that never sleeps. He also travels to Las Vegas many times to meet with these famous movie stars.

Pete has more courage and more faith than anyone I know. He has faced more challenges in these past few months and he still has a smile on his face. While I attended my own pity party, Pete was moving on to his next gig with endurance and stride. Oh, and by the way-I was the only one at my own party. It was quite boring in fact. I decided to leave the party and talk to my friend Pete. After a few minutes I was actually laughing and feeling better than I had all week long. I even manged to crack a joke.

I don’t think Pete was put in my path by mistake. I believe in divine intervention and I thank God for intervening on my behalf. If you haven’t met Pete Allman yet, and you live in the LA or Las Vegas areas-you’re truly missing out on a real person with a genuine heart. With so many Hollywood people on the scene, sometimes it’s refreshing to talk to a real person. So this article is for you Pete! Thanks for being you! Thanks for giving me the courage I needed tonight to get off my behind and leave my pity party.

It isn’t you that is fortunate to be able to meet all these famous people-it is they that should feel blessed to have the chance to meet you!