Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop: A Las Vegas Tradition

For more than four decades, Las Vegas locals and visitors alike have rated Jerry’s Nugget one of the favorite casinos in town. And, the Famous Coffee Shop located there is top-notch with desserts that any world-class resort would envy…

For the last 44 years, Jerry’s Nugget has had a family tradition of catering to business clientele as well as working folks. It is a proven favorite of locals and visitors to Las Vegas.

The restaurant there, Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop, is noted for its prime rib and an incredible 30-page-plus dessert menu. I spoke with Joseph Stamis and learned that part of their success is the family’s hands-on operation of the casino and restaurant. He and his brother, Jeremy Stamis, were taught by their father, Angelo Stamis, that hard work pays off.

“It’s called pride and presenting quality food at reasonable prices,” said Joseph.

“We have such great value here that you can’t find a better deal in town,” he added.

Patrons enjoy the hospitality and the consistently good food. And that’s exactly what Jerry’s Famous does every day — prepares fresh food and homemade desserts. In fact, they have their own pastry chef, Ana Nunez, who oversees the quality and variety of tasty selections. Logine Ocol is the restaurant manager.

Just about everyone enjoys the prime rib, and I have to admit it’s darn good. In addition, they have a selection of specialty dishes, including sandwiches and salads at great prices.

In a recent announcement, there is a new Surf and Turf on the menu for only $7.85. The dine-in-only special consists of a sizzling, Prime Cut New York Steak, char-grilled to order, along with a delectable serving of pan-fried shrimp. It also includes a wide array of side dishes. Diners can choose the homemade soup or the Jerry’s Famous signature salad; a potato, whipped or baked, or a rice dish, and top it off with either garlic or French bread. For those regulars who were used to the Steak and Lobster, well, it’s off the menu for now, so give this one a try!

The flexibility of the 24-hour coffee shop allows Jerry’s Nugget to serve its wide array of customers who work varied hours throughout the day.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you to stop by and order one of the Jerry’s Famous great cakes for the holidays. Why bake when they do it so very, very well? Cakes in several sizes and shapes start at $20. Pies, including, cream, fruit and meringue, are about $15. In addition, you can custom order cakes for weddings and other occasions. Save your time by letting Ana’s team help you!

They also sell fresh-baked, Artisan sourdough bread for only $3.50 per loaf, and the whole wheat bread is only $2 per loaf — fresh-baked daily! And their éclairs are the best I’ve every tasted.

Incidentally, when I spoke with Joseph, he said his father visits Greece and while there he oversees the production in their olive orchards. For many years, Jerry’s Nugget has bottled and sold their extra virgin olive oil to customers. It is one of the very best on the market and well worth the price. The Stamis family takes great pride in providing their products. And Joseph tells me that just one teaspoon a day is beneficial for better health.

Jerry’s Nugget, located at 1821 N. Las Vegas Blvd., has always been a casino, but in the next four years, the family plans expansion to build a hotel on the site after the city’s North Fifth Corridor is completed.

Visit the website at or call (702) 399-3000.

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