Grammy Awards Brings New Action

The Grammy Awards, was held at the Staples Convention Center in Los Angeles, had mixed reviews as a show. But let’s remember that this 50-year-old awards show covers a wide range of genres. It also is about popularity and marketability of songs. After all, downloaded ring tones of favorite artists’ songs are downloaded mainly by teens and college-age students. So anyone can download music from the Internet today; however, there will always be loyal fans supporting their favorite recording group.

And that brings me to Tina Turner. Here’s a woman, who at 68 years old, keeps getting better and has stood the test of time. Her performance, accompanied by Beyonce Knowles, stole the show. It just goes to show you what a positive attitude, great talent and great marketability can do for you.

Another performer who added to the show was the outstanding Morris Day. So if someone says to you, “was that really music? Or, “There was too much rap.” Or, “There was not enough country,” and so forth. Remember that music is like people. It comes in all sizes, shapes and forms. So, it’s not just about rap, but the Grammy Awards covers everything that sells.

And then there was Amy Winehouse, the “no-rehab” protestor herself, who took away four Grammy’s.

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