What’s Happening to Our Society

There’s definitely a change in our culture, compared to what it was, let’s say, thirty years ago. Unfortunately, that change hasn’t been positive for our kids nor has it been positive for the adults. What happened? Our society grew in different aspects and acquired some trends that showed disrespect to others and is partly due to the family lifestyle.

Families today aren’t the same as they were during a time when life was slower and the mother was home to raise her children. As time progressed, not only the husband worked, but the mother had to be employed, which led to the kids being unsupervised. Our schools have been infiltrated with drug dealers, our educational system has retrogressed, and kids have been allowed to dress with the latest trends, even as far as wearing pants below their butts. Oh yes, there is also television programs and movies which are less sufficient in the quality of the storyline. It’s plain negative visualization, with too much killing and too much bad language, which is soaked up by our kids consciously and subconsciously. Let’s not forget about the music with those famous N words and B words, demoralizing their own culture. That’s right, these rap stars think it’s part of the fabric of our culture.

But I’ve got news for you. What happened four hundred years ago, doesn’t have to apply to today. There is a lot of talented people, who can put their music in the pocket, so to speak, without putting these negative connotations in their music. What’s going to be done about it? First of all, let’s go back to the basics to you the parent. It’s your responsibility to control what your kids are watching and looking at on the Internet. You parents that are too busy, to watch your kids, won’t have anything to complain about, because you didn’t care to take the time of using good family principles in raising your kids. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s refer to some statistics from the Long Island Association for Aids Care.

In regards, to alcohol, drugs, and pregnancies, 87% of young Americans, when asked if they were at risk in catching HIV infection, said they didn’t believe so. 25% of the high school students, who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, engaged in sexual activity. Oh yes, what about those young girls who get pregnant. One third of them don’t finish high school and half of those young ladies end up on welfare. Less than one third of teens who have babies when they are teens don’t finish high school. Not long ago, I noticed recently, Mayor Oscar Goodman and some community leaders talking about the problem of our youth. It was mentioned that the families have to reunite and take quality time with their kids and teach them what is morally right and morally wrong. This included establishing rules on what they would allow their kids to watch on television and what they would be allowed to do on the Internet, as well as the movies they would attend. Without these principles, and certainly those of good Christian teaching, we may not have much to look forward to for our youth.

This country was built on Christian principles, that is, understanding God and accepting Jesus Christ into our lives as our savior. It’s quite evident that temptation not only faces our children but faces each one of us each and every day. Sure it’s easy to tell a little white lie, make excuses on why we do things that aren’t morally right. But the bottom line here, is that eventually it eats away at our souls and we all end up crying to God for help in the end. Whatever, you receive out of this, consider what the future holds for your children. For more information, on this topic log onto www.journeyseries.com or call 1-800-635-5346.

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