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Celebrtiy Scene is event promotions organization in Las Vegas. Founded and spearheaded by Peter Allman, A.K.A "The Man on the Scene". Celebrity Scene delivers celebrity news from Las Vegas, entertainment news, reports on Las Vegas sports events, charity and benefit announcements, and press releases created for radio, television, Internet and print. Celebrity Scene is recognized as a multifaceted agency handling advertising, public relations, and celebrity endorsements for various products.

Pete's current news media distributions include Celebrity Scene News, a bi-weekly review of Las Vegas celebrity and entertainment news, public interest stories in Las Vegas, Celebrity Scene Sports News, covering all major Las Vegas sporting events, and Celebrity Scene Video Interviews, video of Pete Allman interviewing some of the most notable celebrities to visit Las Vegas.

Be sure to visit the new Celebrity Scene News Blog and a leave your thoughts and comments on any of Pete's content!

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