Garfield’s Sets the Trend in Culinary Delights By: Pete Allman

One of the romantic settings for dining in Summerlin is Garfield’s Restaurant. It’s similar to The Hampton on Long Island, only it’s overlooking the Lake Jacqueline. .Named in honor of Sir Garfield Sobers, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975; He was considered the greatest all around Cricket player of all time. Garfield’s emulates that spirit with Lakeside dining which is tantalizing and healthy.

It is the creativity of Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet which is attracting locals as well as tourists, to enjoy an evening of dining and conversation. While dining with my guest Beryl Warren, we enjoyed listening to a waterfall nearby and the relaxing patio dining. It certainly set the stage for our dining journey. We enjoyed Lobster Bisque, served without sherry. The waiter served this first with a small amount of lobster, than poured the bisque into the bowl. This created for a wonderful combination. Our next selection was a rack of New Zealand Lamb with mint jelly and a selection of garden fresh vegetables for Beryl and Alaskan Salmon atop fresh red mashed potatoes with a side order of Escargot for me. Everything was made to order. So there’s no fast dining at Garfield’s. After all, dining should not be rushed, but rather experienced. After a few sips of wine and a full stomach, it was time to please our palates with desert.

Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet

Garfield’s has their own pastry chef who prepares many scrumptious deserts. For those who like a fruit taste, there’s a selection of fruit tarts, crème
brulet without the burnt crust and a selection of desert liqueurs .With so many restaurants to choose from, and Garfield’s certainly stands above the rest. I strongly recommend them for group functions, weddings or small family celebrations. We congratulate Matthew Sobers, the managing partner and the entire staff for having a professional attitude and knowledge of the menu.

CSN rates Garfield’s a 10.

For reservations call [702]925-8333
Lunch is also served, with a Sunday brunch. You may also want to inquire about their Royal Bank Club. It’s a must for those on the go.