Café Du Liban- An International Setting

The Mediterranean flair and flavors of Café Du Liban makes it a cozy place for business meetings, a romantic lunch or a quick bite. The ethnic food menu is broad and includes many Lebanese specialties…

In traveling around Los Angeles, one of the hot spots I found for international dining is Café Du Liban. Their menu covers a broad range of dishes with popular Middle Eastern flavors, including many Lebanese specialties.

Located just east of Tampa Avenue at 19223 Ventura Blvd., this cafe is a cozy place for business meetings, a romantic lunch or a quick bite. Unlike chain restaurants, Café Du Liban is family owned and the food is prepared from scratch.

While sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, I couldn’t help but notice the culturally diverse patrons enjoying the delectable foods from around the world. Recently I delighted my taste buds with some of their Mediterranean cuisine.

During a business meeting there, Alex Ayzin, my business partner, and his associate Mike Rayahi ordered an array of dishes.

We started our culinary journey with Lentil Soup, along with some appetizers including Kabbi Naye, freshly ground uncooked lamb mixed with cracked wheat and spices; Stuffed Grape Leaves cooked with vegetables; and Mousaka, a baked casserole of eggplant, garbanzo beans, onions and tomatoes mixed in a light tomato sauce.

Wow, what a great way to enjoy the afternoon with friends or family and good conversation.

Among the dishes served at Café Du Liban are Frog Legs, which are fried and topped with cilantro and lemon juice and Quails marinated and charbroiled.

All these appetizers are between $6 and $9.

Let’s go to the main entrees. I ordered the Grilled Tilapia, filleted fish marinated with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. The other entrees included Lamb Shanks served with a variety of vegetables, and Chicken and Shrimp Kabab marinated in the chef’s sauce.

These dishes are just superb, and they will make your mouth water. For a quick sandwich or to have Café Du Liban cater your anniversary, wedding, networking event, party or other special event, call (818) 705-3194, and ask for Rosie.

CSN rates Café Du Liban a 9.

You may also visit their web site at where you will find a photograph gallery representing the beauty and historic sites of Lebanon. A few of them appear on this page.

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