Small Town Kid Turns Nutrition Entrepreneur

After years of meat and potatoes and eating the average American diet, Ron McCormick found out a better way of eating for better health, nutrition and wellness. Now based in Las Vegas, Nev., he produces Pureform Labs products and teaches nutrition to celebrity sports figures, retail customers, this commentator and others….

Ron McCormick works with several top athletes, actors and other celebrities to help them manage their diets. Among them are Jerome Williams and Shawn Higgins, two retired NBA players; Dewey Cooper, a world kickboxing champion and Mixed Martial Arts fighter; boxing champions Bernard Hopkins and Winky Wright; Jessica “The Ragin’” Rakoczy, a six-time world boxing champion, and adult-film actor Peter North. McCormick even got this commentator on the right track to better fitness—and I can see and feel the difference already.

When Ron got into the nutrition business, he realized that many products sold into certain food stores were harmful to the body. Many of the items sold were high in acid, such as milk, red meats, shellfish, soft drinks, beer and sugars, just to name some.

He realized that he needed to do more research, and he took classes online in addition to training with leading professionals in the field. With the available information he needed, he proceeded to develop high-quality, all-natural, nutritional supplements.

After years of research and studying the American way of eating, McCormick states: “Most people don’t take the time to feed their body nutritious foods. That’s why I developed my own health products that will enable a person to be nutrient rich in the prevention of disease by keeping their body in an alkaline state.”

What he means by that statement is that a body needs to have a proper pH balance. When the human body is at a 7.5 (on the standard pH scale range of 0 -14; 14 being alkaline and 7 is neutral) it is much harder for diseases to start and develop. When the body is acid, this is where diseases tend to manifest and grow, according to what I am learning from McCormick.

McCormick says that we can measure our pH regularly with specially coated paper test strips that register the degree of acidity or alkaline state of the user. He is glad to discuss this with prospective customers and clients.

What I’ve also learned is that I was in the habit of eating too late in the day, eating too many carbohydrates, drinking way too many juices with fructose that turns into sugars and cause fat. I was tired all the time, until I changed my way of eating.

By changing my diet, I’ve lost 20 pounds in the past thirty days. Now you may ask how I did that. First, I stayed away from all carbohydrates; I didn’t eat any breads, and dairy products.

What I did eat was food with good fiber content, such as oatmeal. And I regularly take my liquid vitamins, which are made by Purelabs, McCormick’s company.

I am using Power Greens, too. One Power Greens scoop is nutritionally equivalent to 26 plates of raw uncooked vegetables. I work out five days a week on the treadmill, and I take my supplements combined with egg whites, goat cheese and a cup of oatmeal. (It’s not bad at all.)

In between times, I use the Chocolate Whey Powder for protein to give me more energy. And during lunch, I have a salad with either tuna or salmon.

For dinner, I eat steamed vegetables with a sweet potato, for example. Because I have a sweet tooth, I’m using the natural supplement called Stevia instead of sugar and honey.

Ron said that people don’t have to stop cold turkey on the things they are eating.

“You make changes slowly over to healthier choices; then, you don’t have to crave bad foods.”

I asked him other relevant questions and found out about his journey to becoming a nutrition and fitness advisor.

Q. What was your dream or ambition when you were a kid growing up?

RM: Like most kids, I was an athlete. I played football and basketball. At that time, my goal was to be a professional athlete.

Q: Living on a ranch, did you ever feel like you were out of pocket as a kid, while you were attending high school?

RM: I was an athlete and we were always kept busy. At nine years old, I had my first weight training bench, so I was around a lot of positive people who were in sports and I competed.

Q: When did you first think about the world of business?

RM: My family owned a chain of gas stations and truck stops. So, I learned responsibility at ten years old, and I learned all facets of the business.

Q: During your time growing up, it was a different time — fast foods weren’t as prevalent. What are your thought about that?

RM: We were more active in the ’70s and ’80s. We didn’t really have time to go out and eat a lot of junk food. I wasn’t raised that way. In fact, my parents taught me what they — and what I — thought was healthy eating: meat and potatoes, milk. Later, I learned it wasn’t all true.

Q: Why is so hard for Americans to get on track with nutrition and exercise?

RM: We’re not taught properly in the U.S. schools. Some of the schools have physical education programs, which are great for exercise. But the bigger part of this is the U.S. diet. I found out later in life, after I went into the nutrition business, that just about all your fast foods are bad.

Q: How has the business of developing health products helped you personally?

RM: It helped me develop into a person with compassion for people in this country who suffer from unnecessary diseases: cancer, diabetes, MS, lupus, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Sixty-percent of all these diseases and disorders are all due to the poor diet and nutritional imbalance in our diet. The No. 1 killer in the U.S. is heart disease, which kills 20,000 Americans a day; 1.4 million Americans develop different types of cancer; another 1 million develop diabetes every year. Children as young as 11 years old are developing diabetes, and there are over 25 million children and adults living with diabetes today.

Ron McCormick is available for lectures. For more information, or to make an appointment for counseling, call toll-free 1-888-363-9817. His store is located in Henderson, Nev., at 2558 Wigwam Pkwy in the Legacy Center. His website is

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