Tony Cosmo is Bringing “Old Vegas” Back

Just about everyone loves movies, especially mobster themes, such as “Goodfellows” and “The Godfather” series. Las Vegas has been depicted in many movies, but few showed the true atmosphere of the good old days. Las Vegas in the 60s and 70s was run by the mob, those colorful characters, and they kept the town pretty safe — unless you tried to cross them, that is. There was little crime, and the casino workers felt they were treated right.

And everyone loved to go to Tony Cosmo’s restaurants to socialize and have homemade Italian cuisine, such as Veal Scaloppini, Stuffed Bell Peppers, and even the spumoni, which was homemade.

Well, last week, I visited with restaurateur Tony Cosmos, the executive chef and owner of Cosmos Ristorante located inside the Royal Resort right off the Las Vegas Strip at 99 Convention Center Drive.
Besides cooking what is perhaps the best Italian food I’ve ever tasted, Tony Cosmo has had an illustrious career. He has owned several restaurants, among them the former disco-era hotspot, Paul Anka’s Jubilation, and Cosmos Underground in downtown Las Vegas.

In fact, Tony could write a book on all the colorful characters who dined in his restaurants over the years. Hey, that’s a great idea, especially since he’s got all the pictures to prove it. The others might have carried “heat,” but Tony carried a mean skillet, pot and chef’s pan and served some of the best food in town. Tony’s places were where people hung out in the great heyday of Vegas.

So what happened to the Old Las Vegas?

Well, some of those mob guys are pushing up daisies, some are in prison, and some are under the Witness Protection Program. Tony is just a great chef who keeps on going.

So, it is with great pleasure that Tony is bringing back the “Old Vegas” flavor.

Tony is planning to have a late-night, after hours gathering spot for those people who get off work in the wee hours of the morning and want to stop by his place and unwind in the outside lounge area.

They can get some of his great Chicago beef sandwiches, enjoy a drink outdoors and stretch out under the shining stars of Las Vegas, while lounging beside the Royal Resort’s Olympic-size pool.
The best part of what Tony is doing is that no one will have to wait in line, and his guests won’t have to buy a table or bottle service, the way it works in the swanky ultra lounges and nightclubs in many Strip resorts. This atmosphere is for late night relaxing and getting together with friends. Tony Cosmo is making the old new again.

For more information, call (702) 369-4179 or visit Tell them Pete Allman sent you.


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