Trump Towers is Elegant, Affordable for Celebs and Families

Eddie Mekka, who played Carmine in “Laverne and Shirley,” recently stated that the new Trump International Hotel and Tower on the Las Vegas Strip lives up to all his expectations. Mekka was in town on break from touring.

And would you believe that you can stay in elegance at Trump Towers for about the same price you pay to stay at the Wynn and at some other hotels on the Strip? Elegant accommodations are offered for as affordable as $199 per night.

Steve Shalit, vice president and managing director of Trump International Hotel and Tower, along with James J. Palank, vice president of sales and marketing, told me there’s a strong marketing plan in effect. It aims to allow a broad range of guests to enjoy the experience of the Trump tradition. Consider the Trump Tower the next generation in luxury hospitality. Visit the website at

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