Judah and Mosley in ‘High Stakes’

Jab Judah and “Sugar” Shane MoselyTwo welterweight world boxing champions are putting their careers on the line May 31 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

Zab “Super” Judah (36-5, 25 KOs, 2 NC) of Brooklyn, N.Y., was brought up in a tough neighborhood. His dad was a kickboxing champion, and his mother followed in her own right as a martial artist.

Judah says he’s ready to fight “Sugar” Shane Mosley (44-5-37 KOs) of California. Mosley was brought up in Lynwood, Calif., and he now resides in Pomona. Mosley has that marketing sparkle when he smiles, always showing that friendly face until he gets into the ring. When he enters, that’s when the opponent becomes his enemy.

This fight card, which is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink, Tecate Beer, Affliction Clothing and Southwest Airlines, is anticipated to be another sellout like the promoters’ last match between Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mosley, 37, is a four-time world champion in three-divisions, and he says that when he battles Judah, he’ll fight the way he did when he was 21. Mosley started boxing at age 8 and was a three-time national amateur champion. In 1992, he was an Olympic team member competing with an amateur record of more than 250 wins.

Judah started boxing amazingly early at age 6 and had an amateur record of 110 wins. He was national Golden Gloves champion in 1995 and an alternate on the U.S. boxing team in the 1996 Olympics. Judah is a three-time world champion who lost his welterweight IBF title to Floyd Mayweather in 2006.

But Judah can’t afford to have any more setbacks in his career, following his notable boxing ring mishaps and bad behavior. It will be all about good sportsmanship.

“Shane has never fought anyone like me in a 12-round fight. I’m faster, hit harder and a more aggressive fighter,” Judah said.

When asked by the media about his confidence, he stated: “My confidence comes from preparation. It’s about what goes into the training. That’s where my confidence comes in.”

Mosley, on the other hand, is all smiles at this point.

“It’s extremely high stakes for Zab and myself in this fight. And I’m excited to be fighting him,” Mosley said.

When he was questioned about his performance in his last fight, which he lost against Miguel Cotto, Mosley said, “At this point and time, I’m comfortable. I don’t’ have to worry about anything but boxing. And I’m focused.”

The headline fight airs on Pay Per View, along with other scheduled fights, including Jorge Barrios taking on Rocky Juarez on the undercard.

Mosley vs. Judah “High Stakes” can go in either direction. Both Judah and Mosley have heart, and they both have excellent boxing skills.

Who will have more heart when the pressure is on in the final rounds? No one really knows. Boxing fans will have to wait intrigued until the main event.

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