Jim Beam Heir Enlightens Dinner Goers

Frederick “Fred” Booker Noe III, master distiller and the great grandson of Jim Beam, was the featured speaker recently at the Twin Creeks Restaurant in the Silverton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he spoke about the art and science of producing bourbon. It was a truly interesting presentation by Noe, and the other speaker, Master Chef Michael Abba, spoke about his food creations incorporating the distinct beverage and the art of presentation. Master Chef Abba explained his recipes and the use of various Jim Beam bourbons.

According to Noe, bourbon is America’s drink as declared by President Lyndon B. Johnson. As early as 1874, the Manhattan, a bourbon cocktail, was enjoyed by Winston Churchill. Today, Jim Beam Distillers, thanks to technology and artisanship, produces quality bourbon a consistent basis. Noe explained that it is because of their stainless steel tanks, accurate measurement of the ingredients, and then placing the mixture into barrels made of white oak. This is a more sanitary process and more cost effective, he added. Noe wove anecdotes about his family, their experiences and facts about the business into his talk.

The meal was a three-course sample tasting. The first course, the Terrene of Hudson Valley Foi Gras with Baker’s Bourbon, did not set me on fire. What I mean, is that it was not my favorite dish by any means—even if it had the Poached Prunes and Machie Salad.

However, the Ciuten Souls Vide, Snake River Farms Beef Short Ribs with Goat Cheese, in a Yellow Polenta “Pave,” with a side of Pork Belly Crutor, was delicious. This dish came with the outstanding Knob Creek Bourbon Sauce, which, by the way, is the No. 1 bourbon in the world. Red Ribbon Sorreo was served to accompany the entrée.

The dessert selection, Basil Hayden Bourbon Bread Pudding, was also delicious, with Bourbon Anglaise in a bourbon reduction served with a vanilla gelato.

Fredrick “Fred” Booker Noe IIIThe Jim Beam drinks served were created by Master Mixologist John DuPont.

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