Expressions in Art: Courage through Cancer

Recently, I met a very special person. She is Jacqueline Tschernia, and she has a mission to exhibit art created by cancer survivors, their family members, and those who have died from cancer. She is the executive director of the Cancer and Chronic Illness Center Foundation, which works in conjunction with the Lilly Oncology on Canvas touring exhibit.

The art expresses the journey of those with cancer and what they deal with in their fight for survival. It also honors those who have passed on.

“Educating people to work with all chronic illnesses and to help people who are in treatment, is what this is all about,” stated Tschernia.

I met her at a fundraiser exhibit held in the Great Hall outside Saks Fifth Avenue in the Fashion Show Mall.

Community activist Patricia Martinelli, Beryl Warren of the Southern Nevada Coalition of Concerned Women, and oncologist, Dr. Heather Allen attended.

Dr. Allen’s comments on the exhibit were straight to the point.

“The exhibit offers beautiful art and a story which goes right to the heart of the matter,” she said, adding, “It is also very therapeutic to look at these works of art.”

The touring exhibit was founded by Eli Lilly & Co. in 2004. For more information, call (702) 596-3663.

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