Vazquez Shows Heart

There’s no lack of heart when it comes to boxers, such a Israel Vazquez (43-4-32 KOs) of Los Angeles, who defended his WBC Bantam Weight title, winning in a split decision in a 12-round bout against Rafael Marquez (37-5-33 KOs) of Mexico.
“I gave my all. I had to make a statement,” stated Vazquez, who was knocked down in the fourth round as a result of Marquez’s strong combinations.
Marquez felt he won the fight, which was held at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. “I boxed early and dominated throughout he entire fight,” Vazquez said.
Fortunately for Vazquez, referee Pat Russell had taken a point away from Marquez in the tenth round when he hit Vazquez below the belt.
The real turning point of the fight, however, was when Vazquez decided to make a stand and execute good, clean punches in the later rounds that eventually put Marquez against the ropes.
Marquez’s promoter, Gary Shaw, called Saturday night for the decision favoring Vazquez to be vacated, challenging the referee’s call on the point deduction. It was later ruled that the decision stands.
The judges’ scorecards read 114-111 for Vazquez by Max DeLucca, 113-112 for Vazquez by James Ju Kin, and 114-111 for Marquez by Tom Kaczmarek.

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