Reyes Family Passion For Recipes

La CocinaTwo young brothers, Steven Reyes and Ernesto Reyes, along with their mother, Graciela Reyes, welcome patrons to their new restaurant, La Cocina Reyes. The family serves authentic Mexican cuisine, perhaps unlike any Mexican food you’ve tasted. Steven, who is an executive with the In-N-Out Burger chain, got his training in gourmet Mexican cuisine at Bob Flays Mesa Grill, a national chain of restaurants with one located in Las Vegas. Ernesto has been in food business for 20 years. And together, the two brothers with their dynamic personalities and the recipes of the mother are getting rave reviews.

Some of the dishes served that I can attest to are the Carne Asada. This consists of a grilled rib-eye steak smothered with sautéed bell peppers and onions topped with a seared queso Oaxaca. Served on the side is grilled corn on the cob with roasted red potatoes—all for a mere $21.99. Another popular dish is the Mahi Mahi, served in a bowl with delectable spicy sauces bursting with the flavors of the Mexican Riviera. For those of you who want a light bite, La Cocina Reyes has wonderful soups. Albondigas is prepared with ground beef blended with rice, onions, zucchini, carrots and tomatoes. Everything there is prepared to order, made from scratch. There is no question that Steven and Ernesto Reyes are excited and passionate about their cuisine. In addition to heartily greeting the customers themselves, welcoming them to their festive atmosphere, the service is excellent. To complement the fine cuisine, La Cocinca Reyes has a full-service cocktail bar with over 50 Margaritas, one of the most notable being the Apple Rita. For connoisseurs of fine tequila—without all the concoctions that go into a blended Margarita using standard tequila—sip the Don Julio 1942, one of the exquisite smooth tequilas.

They also have a wonderful selection of martinis. Incidentally, one of the reasons La Cocina’s margaritas are so good, in addition to making them fresh, is their new water reverse osmosis process that’s means they start with cleaner, fresher tasting water for ice.

To top off the dining journey, enjoy the Crepas con Cajeta, delicious crepes topped with caramel sauce with all-natural vanilla ice cream.

For reservations, call (702) 384-4444. La Cocina is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thurs and 11 to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The CSN rating for La Cocina is a top 10 points.

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